Development Society

Pomquet Area Cultural, Recreational Community Development Association (PACRCDA)

PACRCDA evolved from public discussions about the fate of the existing hall but it is an organization put together by concerned citizens of District 5 to work with other groups to develop cultural, recreational and community activities. This is a community group that is not part of, or associated with, any existing group, society or parish. If you live in District 5, you are auto-matically a member. No fee is required. In short, our mandate is to strengthen and grow our community. Our top priority is to consider the community’s needs, which may include investigating the feasibility of a new com-munity hall but an independant subcommittee will do that.

Our goal is to promote, revive or create cultural and recreational events to celebrate and unite this community plus facilitate the fulfillment of the com-munity's needs. We will create other independant subommittees made up of 1 or 2 board members and other people in the community for each project and will need the participation and expertise of the community.